Outplacement for young professionals and expertsFor all those who want to get started early

You have no management experience, but don’t want to leave your career to chance?

Our experience shows that it pays to take advantage of professional support at an early stage. We process the dismissal or separation from the employer constructively with you and use it as an opportunity to optimise your career.

Many of our formerly young clients are now members of management, board members or similar positions. We have supported these clients from the beginning through coaching, outplacement or with important decisions, etc. Important career steps were carefully prepared and considered whether it was the right step before the next but one.

Outplacement für junge Berufstätige

Realigning your career for more satisfaction and success

Even if you no longer want to aim high, outplacement counselling is worthwhile for young employees or employees without management experience. We see every crisis as an opportunity to steer your (professional) life in the right direction and to question whether your career is still in line with your own values.

Outplacement is often accompanied by greater job satisfaction, a salary increase or an improvement in work-life balance, such as a shorter commute, etc.

Our advice offers you

  • Securing your income, avoiding loss of income
  • In outplacement counselling we support you professionally and emotionally in case of setbacks
  • Fast, sustainable placement success through our BLCI strategy
  • Our success rate in outplacement counselling is 98%.
  • We give you access to the hidden market
  • You do not leave scorched earth with your desired employers
  • We offer you the use of a fully equipped workspace in our modern co-working space for the duration of your outplacement counselling

We have experience in the following industries

Banks, tourism, automotive, industry, event management, IT, medical technology, financial services, health, medicine, real estate, energy, insurance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, consulting, services, ministries, research institutions, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, logistics, trade, cosmetics, consumer goods, fashion, system gastronomy and many more.

Please contact us if you cannot find your industry here.

Procedure of the outplacement counselling and modules

Before the start of counselling

  • Free information talk on site or virtually
  • Current tips on integrating outplacement into the termination agreement: What should be considered in advance?
  • Sending our offer to employers or self-payers
  • Contact network to specialist lawyers for labour law on the subject of employer references
  • Contact network to tax advisors on severance pay

Separation from the employer

  • Coaching for the emotional processing of the separation from the previous employer
  • Support in the optimisation and preparation of employer references

Profiling and location determination

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, self-perception and perception of others, analysis of hindering patterns and recurring difficult situations at the workplace
  • Further education counselling
  • Use of personality tests to uncover blind spots and recognise one’s own potential and development opportunities
  • Development of unique selling points (USP’s) (What makes you different from others?)

Application documents and self-marketing

  • Development of an individual application strategy with corresponding milestones for achieving the target position in the desired timeframe
  • Informative application documents
  • English application documents
  • Unsolicited and online applications
  • Preparation of a target company list for speculative applications

Multilevel strategy for filling vacancies in the hidden market

  • Establishing contacts to our network of headhunters, personnel consultants, decision-makers
  • Creation of a target company list for unsolicited applications from the company database
  • Social networks: Xing, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Contacts to the BLCI decision-maker network; alumni network
  • Job research and reverse headhunting to identify vacancies in the hidden market

Preparation for job interviews and assessment centres

  • Self-presentation, strengths and weaknesses, difficult questions, unacceptable questions, stress questions, questions for applicants 50+, interview simulation in English.
  • Successes and failures, questions for the employer
  • Simulation of job interviews incl. video training
  • Determination of a realistic salary target
  • Assistance with salary negotiations and variable salary components
  • Evaluation of the interviews
  • Strategies for the 2nd interview
  • Preparation for assessment centres, development centres, management audits and recruitment tests

After the interview

  • Evaluation of the interviews and comparison with personal and professional goals
  • Comparison of contract offers and decision-making
  • Drafting the employment contract
  • What to consider during the probationary period
  • Onboarding – coaching or executive coaching for better integration into the new leadership role (on request after taking up the new position)

Non-binding initial consultation

Discuss your career strategy with us in a personal, free initial meeting. We will analyse your individual needs and show you a realistic time frame for your plan.

You have the choice:

  • on site in our offices
  • virtual

Call us: 0211 / 86286283 or book an appointment with us directly online.