Career counselling costsThis is what you can expect in terms of costs

  • Information sessions on your career goals and our services are available free of charge and without obligation at any time (in person or by telephone).
  • Prices on an hourly basis or alternatively package prices (see Outplacement Costs)

BLCI Büro Düsseldorf

Submission of an individual offer

  • We make you individual offers according to your needs, time schedules and budgets.
  • We send the offer and invoice for career counselling or business coaching (if requested by you) directly to your employer. We are also happy to introduce ourselves to the HR department by phone or in person and take care of all the necessary formalities for you.

Career counselling - costs for self-payers

  • If you pay the fee yourself (or from your severance pay) and not your employer, you can claim this in full (plus your travel and subsistence costs) against tax.
  • If you decide to undergo outplacement after a career counselling session, we will gladly add any costs already incurred, e.g. from preparation for job interviews, to the outplacement package price.
  • Payment in instalments possible on request

Sustainable cooperation

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support not only for the next step, but throughout your career with outplacement, career counselling and coaching. We offer significant discount/reduction for returning clients – contact us for this at any time.

* Prices apply to all counselling services in the area of career counselling – career coaching.

Non-binding initial consultation

Discuss your career strategy with us in a personal, free initial meeting. We will analyse your individual needs and show you a realistic time frame for your plan.

You have the choice:

  • on site in our offices
  • virtual

Call us: 0211 / 86286283 or book an appointment with us directly online.