Outplacement costsWho pays for outplacement counselling?

We offer outplacement for employers as well as for self-payers. The programmes hardly differ in content, but they do in price.

The costs for outplacement can also be shared between employer and employee if desired, e.g. if the employer’s budget is to be increased. Each party receives a separate invoice for their share.

It makes sense for employers, employees and self-payers to contact us before signing the termination agreement. We can work with you to determine how much you should include for outplacement in the termination agreement and will be happy to provide you with a quote after a virtual or face-to-face meeting.

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Is an outplacement lasting several months worthwhile?

The costs for outplacement counselling are essentially based on the duration of the counselling and the gross annual salary of the person being counseled.

Basically, the following applies to outplacement success:

The longer a counselling programme lasts, the more expensive it is, but also the more likely it is to be successful!

According to a study by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU), 95 percent of clients find a new job with open-ended outplacement counselling. For nine-month consultations, the figure is still 75%, for six-month consultations approx. 60% and for three-month consultations approx. 30%.

Our BLCI placement rates are significantly higher at 6-8 months with approx. 98 percent, which we attribute to the very individual and customised counselling with 1:1 sessions in addition to our many years of experience and the targeted selection of methods.

Costs for self-payers

  • If you pay the fee yourself (or from your severance pay) and not your employer, you can deduct the full amount (plus travel and subsistence costs) from your tax.
  • Self-payers can pay in 3-6 instalments, the dates for the instalments are fixed bindingly in advance.

Discount for returnees

Our goal is to support you in the best possible way not only with your next step, but throughout your entire career with outplacement, career counselling, coaching and executive search.

For this reason, we offer our regular clients a significant discount – contact us. Also for clients who have previously used services other than outplacement with us.

Non-binding initial consultation

Discuss your career strategy with us in a personal, free initial meeting. We will analyse your individual needs and show you a realistic time frame for your plan.

You have the choice:

  • on site in our offices
  • virtual

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