Location determinationThe location assessment helps you to get off to a successful start after only 8 - 12 hours

Client comments

  • “I have a new job profile in front of my eyes that I didn’t even know existed before”.
  • “Now it is clear to me what gives me pleasure and energy in my professional life and how I can approach my next career steps”
  • “It’s good to know how I can avoid another burn-out by using my strengths in a targeted way.”
  • “Now I am sure that a specialist career is my individual path, even if everyone expects a management career from me.”

You will get to know

  • Long-term goals and next career steps
  • Methodical, social and professional competences
  • Career alternatives
  • Blocking, hidden patterns
  • Behaviour in change processes
  • Strengths and development potential
  • Values and beliefs
  • Need for further training
  • Preferred roles in the team
  • Sources of strength and strength robbers


  • Self-reflection
  • Psychological test procedures such as HOGAN, MBTI, DISG
  • CV analysis
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Interview
  • Questionnaires
  • Presentations
  • Feedback and input

Final report

You will receive a final report of several pages that provides detailed information about, for example, your strengths, development potential, values, career motives and other contents of the assessment.

Your investment

We will be happy to answer your questions in advance by phone: 0211 86286283 and / or in a personal info session of up to 1 hour free of charge at our office.

You can book the appointments for the location assessment as 4 or 8 hour intensive blocks in each case. The counselling can also consist of a combination of personal appointments and telephone or e-mail correspondence, especially if you have a long journey.

Non-binding initial consultation

Discuss your career strategy with us in a personal, free initial meeting. We will analyse your individual needs and show you a realistic time frame for your plan.

You have the choice:

  • on site in our offices
  • virtual

Call us: 0211 / 86286283 or book an appointment with us directly online.