Advantages of BLCI OutplacementAll advantages at a glance

  • Our 1:1 counselling allows high flexibility in achieving your goals
  • Personal contact from the first meeting to the placement (no workshops and no online learning)
  • We give you access to the hidden market
  • Fast and sustainable placement success through our BLCI strategy
  • Our success rate in outplacement counselling is 98%.

BLCI Büro Düsseldorf

Advice for all sectors

Banks, real estate, tourism, automotive, industry, event management, IT, medical technology, financial services, health, medicine, energy, insurance, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, consulting, services, ministries, research institutions, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, logistics, trade, cosmetics, consumer goods, fashion, system catering, etc.

Please contact us if you cannot find your industry here.

  • Probationary period guarantee
  • You do not leave scorched earth with your employer of choice
  • Securing your income, avoiding loss of income
  • We provide you with professional and emotional support in the event of setbacks during outplacement counselling
  • We offer the use of a fully equipped workplace in our modern co-working space for the entire duration of the outplacement counselling.
  • All counselling in German and English
  • More than 20 years of experience in the outplacement sector and over 1500 satisfied clients in outplacement counselling at BLCI Düsseldorf.
  • In addition, many years of experience in European and worldwide placement (expatriation, return counselling, spouse counselling)

Non-binding initial consultation

Discuss your career strategy with us in a personal, free initial meeting. We will analyse your individual needs and show you a realistic time frame for your plan.

You have the choice:

  • on site in our offices
  • virtual

Call us: 0211 / 86286283 or book an appointment with us directly online.