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Press Interviews by Birgit Loeding

“How to successfully master an interview” – Xing Coaches, Birgit Löding, April 2016
XING Coaches: Are there any things I should pay attention to?
Birgit Löding: When the interview starts, the candidate often gets the ball with the question
“Tell me something about yourself.” Important for the applicant is for the answering this question and also the subsequent questions not to assume that the information in the application folder is still available to the employer… read more.

Assessment Center; 5 questions for Birgit Löding, Karrierefaktor, Jan. 2015

An individual AC (or development center) also has a higher predictive power than a job interview. The process can also be a good complement to an interview. For example, on an individual AC day of approx. 4-8 hours, role plays such as employee interviews or customer interviews are simulated…. read more

Documentation about Assessmentcenter Coaching and with bei Birgit Löding, BLCI In Düsseldorf:


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„Work-life balance during job search“ Blog article, Yourfirm. com
(Yourfirm is the No. 1 job market for careers in medium-sized companies)
Anyone who has the feeling that they are working more hard to find a job and are under more pressure than they were in their professional life is certainly not alone. Such phases are particularly difficult to master because you can no longer rely on a given daily structure.… read more

„Preparation for Assessment Center“ Blog article,
The AC focuses on your methodological and social skills. The employer is interested, for example, in whether you are a team player or how well you can assert yourself. Your behaviour is recorded by trained observers over the entire period and assessed on the basis of defined criteria.… read more


Stay or go? – Opportunities for the mobile world of work
Flexible companies today rely on a flexible world of work – and working people should adapt to these requirements. “Constantly check your own market value, think: Where can I best develop myself further” says coach and trainer Löding….

Die Welt, 18/20.Dezember 2010
Hamburger Abendblatt 22/23 Januar 2011

Intercultural training: Learn to speak the right “language“
Löding shows various role-playing games in groups of 10-16 participants. For example, their customers learn how to deal with it if the interlocutor comes from a culture that does not seek eye contact: If you do not know how to interpret this behavior as rejection, you can also deal with it correctly… read more

The interview
If the start is well prepared and the employer can successfully tick off his catalog of requirements while listening, this is a good start. From a psychological point of view it is very difficult to turn this good first impression into the opposite. However, it is just as difficult to turn a negative first impression positively… read more

The written application: tips & tricks from professional Birgit Löding
How do you apply correctly and what are the most common mistakes? The right presentation is the be-all and end-all, starting with the selection of the optimal portfolio through to the correct handling of inadmissible questions at the interview. The right documents are the door opener, which is why the greatest care must be taken here… read more

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